mandag 25. april 2022

Time flies in a strange time.


I was very optimistic last time I wrote that I would be back very soon, but here I am, - a long time  after. Now spring is here in Norway and life is back to normal after the covid lockdown.

We have got some new habits, but we can meet and see friends and family again. Even the flee markets have started again, and here is what my granddaughter bought me yesterday to have the first spring flowers in.


I have made a lot of things since last I wrote here, but I’ll just show you one wall-hanging. It was made for the competition In The Norwegian Quilting Association -NQF this year. My title was New years wishes 2022 for Europe. I wished that Europe could wish the boat refugees welcome the same way.

 I don’t make competition quilts because I think I am and fabulous artis, but I want to be a better quilter, and the judges give me a very good description of what is good and what can be better. And just to send in is a big step too.

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