mandag 31. oktober 2016

Another three years’ project finished!

My one and only granddaughter was three years this month, and I’ve finished the quilt I started when I got to know she was on her way. Grandmothers flowers in yellow and pink and quilted with hearts and flowers by Merete Ellingsen at

All my projects at this time seem to take a lot of time, and there are few finishes. But I ‘m happy they get finished, and that I manage to finish some of them before I get lost in new ones.

søndag 28. august 2016

Exciting designers

This spring and summer I ‘ve been in the finishing mood. All UFOs of different kind I have finished as originally planned, finished in smaller size or some not started material projects I’ve decides never to start and have used the fabrics for other projects. I’ve realized that I’m not a person that can handle so many projects in progress at one time. My creativity disappears and I don’t get anything done.
So now there is only two projects left that I have to finish before I start on something that I just have in my head and in some small drawings. My creativity is starting to grow as my projects are getting closer to the finishing line, so I see this road is best for me.

I love to collect ideas and inspiration on the net. I’ve loved Kaffe Fassetts designs and fabrics for many years, and I think I have all his book. I’ve even been to one of his classes here in Norway, and that was for me a very good, challenging experience.

 I’ve recently discovered a new designer for me Tula Pink. I love her colours and ideas and I’m afraid her books and fabrics will grow in the same numbers as Kaffe Fassetts in my cupboard and shelves.
At last, one more finished project. I found a lot of hexagon flowers made from my scrap bag five or six years ago. I didn’t want more hand seam so I used my machine, and some cotton, and made a tablecloth for my gazebo.

mandag 15. august 2016

A selfmade accident!

Selfmade accident or how one quilt top became 4 pillows
I had made this plussquilt top. I was really satisfied  and wanted to put it om my guestbed as quickly as possible. I found my big wool batting,that I’ve saved for years, and backing  and started to do the classical mistakes. The wool batting was really big, made for a really big double bed. I read the size quickly and found that it was more than enough for at least two quilts. I measured out what I needed with just unpacking it in one end and holding it up against the quilt top’s with,and cut the batting.

When I put it on my table against the top it was so accurate that I had to pin it in the corners. Here I should have stopped but I spraybasted  on my backing too. It wasn’t more than a few cm too wide around the quilt top’s sides. My box with spraybasting  was not too full, so it could have been better basted, but I started quilting.

I made seams to and fro on the with. Simple  paralell lines with one cm between each line. I  drove really fast on my pedal, the music on my radio was high and I enjoyed life! The first half went really well!

BUT then I discovered that something was happening . My quiltbacking and bat started to move , the with of the top went smaller, and the outer border went smaller as the bat  moved and  the backing got  bumps on the back.

I was so disappointed that I threw the hole work in a big black gabbage bag and left my machine . I was going to throw it away.

My  black plastic bag was on my floor for a couple of days before I came to my senses. I couldn’t save it as a quilt top, but I made four pillows.

And I have made a new quilt top. I havent’t quilted it yet. I have to buy a big batting first and a new batting fabric that is more than big enough, and a new box of spray basting

The rest of the woolbatting I had,  I used for another quilt and it  was so big that I had to cut away some after I had quilted it!

What I have learned? Don’t do anything in a haste, and use extra with on batting and backing!