mandag 15. august 2016

A selfmade accident!

Selfmade accident or how one quilt top became 4 pillows
I had made this plussquilt top. I was really satisfied  and wanted to put it om my guestbed as quickly as possible. I found my big wool batting,that I’ve saved for years, and backing  and started to do the classical mistakes. The wool batting was really big, made for a really big double bed. I read the size quickly and found that it was more than enough for at least two quilts. I measured out what I needed with just unpacking it in one end and holding it up against the quilt top’s with,and cut the batting.

When I put it on my table against the top it was so accurate that I had to pin it in the corners. Here I should have stopped but I spraybasted  on my backing too. It wasn’t more than a few cm too wide around the quilt top’s sides. My box with spraybasting  was not too full, so it could have been better basted, but I started quilting.

I made seams to and fro on the with. Simple  paralell lines with one cm between each line. I  drove really fast on my pedal, the music on my radio was high and I enjoyed life! The first half went really well!

BUT then I discovered that something was happening . My quiltbacking and bat started to move , the with of the top went smaller, and the outer border went smaller as the bat  moved and  the backing got  bumps on the back.

I was so disappointed that I threw the hole work in a big black gabbage bag and left my machine . I was going to throw it away.

My  black plastic bag was on my floor for a couple of days before I came to my senses. I couldn’t save it as a quilt top, but I made four pillows.

And I have made a new quilt top. I havent’t quilted it yet. I have to buy a big batting first and a new batting fabric that is more than big enough, and a new box of spray basting

The rest of the woolbatting I had,  I used for another quilt and it  was so big that I had to cut away some after I had quilted it!

What I have learned? Don’t do anything in a haste, and use extra with on batting and backing!