onsdag 13. april 2016

Focus project the next weeks

All my tumblers from the scrap box. 

WISP 3 - ME 0 -1.

 This star quilt I started 2 years ago at The Norwegian Quilt Festival. As the optimistic person I am, I signed up for two courses that had big quilts as their goal. The second one I made just one block of, after struggling so much with it that I knew this quilt wasn’t for me.
This star quilt named Seeing Red designed by Buggy Barn I really loved, both the sewing methods, the colors and designs. But something happened when you don’t continue at once you get home and leave it in a box for nearly two years. You are not so motivated to cut the “thousand” pieces you need to finish the quilt. I still loved the colors and the stars so I decided to make a simplified version Here is its story.
  These  12 I made at the Quilt Festival
 I had another 14 ready to sew

Then I had 26

An extra border made the blocks a bit bigger
Then I sewed all together and made a small border around the quilt, but have turned to rows of stars upside down. Correcting it, then an outer border and ready for quilting. Satisfied!

This jacket I made during March/April . The pattern by Kristin Wiola Ødegård is in autumn colors and named Autumn  Square,  but these colors are mine.