mandag 20. oktober 2014

Starting more than finishing

Suddenly October is more than half-finished and a lot of time has passed. I have been to a lot of quilting courses and started a lot of new projects. But last week I even finished two.

Winter Wonderland and the ABC quilt. The last a lot of my coworkers has appliquéd blocks for. I have finished and quilted it. It`s for the first born og\f one of our colleges. We have done this as a tradition, but now I told the others that this was my last on. <Next time someone else has to take the main responsibility. I think I have done 13 or 14.It has been fun, but that is enough. Next generation has to take over.

What else? I have tidied up my scrap box. Cut every fabric into 2, 5 inch squares, and the rest is thrown away that was too small. Now it’s ready for the machine on a rainy day.

My photos weren’t good this time. I promise to do better next time.

Take care!