tirsdag 1. april 2014

A bit of luck and happiness

This has been a strange month with all sorts of events from death to festivities.  As a student councilor you have to be prepared for everything, but you never are. You just have to be there when things happen and do your best as a human.
Being a grandmother brightens up the day and making children’s clothes again is pure fun When my kids were small I made clothes from patterns made by Elisabeth Günter and these books are printed again now. There is a lot of appliqué suggestions and even quilting of jackets. I even enjoy making buttonholes with my machine.

I’m not good at making comments on other people’s blogs, but it happens. This time I was lucky and won four bird panels. I love Laura Kemshall 's and Linda Kemshall 's blogs. They produce Design Matters TV and have a lot of courses. Laura even has her own firm where you can get your own digital images printed on fabrics or buy their special fabrics. Have a look at Fingerprint's pages!
What I am going to do with my panels? I think I’ll make a wall quilt for my cabin. Maybe I’ll buy some more birds.

Last weekend I spent at the annual meeting of the Norwegian Quilt Association.  It was a lot to see and buy, and some nice courses. I went to a course with Nina Lise Moen called “Kvist” in Norwegian. I chose the green spring colors  as a background You put a lot of fabrics like tull and organza on top of each other to make flowers and a lot of straight stitches. Have look at Nina's pages to get better information and see a lot of variation of the theme. I loved it and made a small wall hanging this time.  But I have some ideas for Easter (next year?).

Have a nice week!