lørdag 22. februar 2014

Absolute madness 1?

I decided some time ago that I shouldn’t sign in for any new BOMs before I had finished some of my bigger WISPs. 
But suddenly I fell in love with Lappemakeriets new BOM named “Bygge og bo – Husmannsplass”.  
It’s houses in crazy colours. We could decide wether we wanted to sew it with machine on paper or do English paper piecing. I wanted to do some handsewing, but when I opened the bag with ready cut papers for ten houses, all mixed up, I asked myself if I had done the right thing. Madness? A sort of, maybe, but I’m stubborn enough to start it.. Anybody else out there?

I changed some of the background colours to make it mine, and started

Suddenly I had made the first three houses

Another WISP !