søndag 2. februar 2014

A new year and a new month

2014 has started and a month has quickly passed with all fassettes of life in my community. Joys, sorrows, luck and accidents. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, we just know this day.
January is normally a very busy month at work, but I have manages to finish some product. My DD1 wanted a quilt for use for her daughter, my grandchild, picked a pattern and here it is. No pinks and princesses. Bright colours and monsters!

Just before Christmas a lot of quilt shops has advent calendars for us quilting ladies. They have 24 gifts with quilt related items. I have tried a few ones, but this year really enjoyed it Northern-Quilts had 4 projects to finish during advent and you got a little bit of what you needed every day. I didn’t finish before Christmas , but now >I have, so I have gifts ready for next year.6 mug rugs, 1 tablecloth, 1 gingerbread box holder and a Christmas post holder.

And I have even made two apple mug rugs by the Norwegian designer Anne AKa. And another candle-glass. It’s still a couple of months before winter is over, so we need to light more candles in the darkness.

I have to tidy up in my cupboard and see if I find some forgotten UFOs or WISPs  or start on something new. Have a nice week!