mandag 20. oktober 2014

Starting more than finishing

Suddenly October is more than half-finished and a lot of time has passed. I have been to a lot of quilting courses and started a lot of new projects. But last week I even finished two.

Winter Wonderland and the ABC quilt. The last a lot of my coworkers has appliquéd blocks for. I have finished and quilted it. It`s for the first born og\f one of our colleges. We have done this as a tradition, but now I told the others that this was my last on. <Next time someone else has to take the main responsibility. I think I have done 13 or 14.It has been fun, but that is enough. Next generation has to take over.

What else? I have tidied up my scrap box. Cut every fabric into 2, 5 inch squares, and the rest is thrown away that was too small. Now it’s ready for the machine on a rainy day.

My photos weren’t good this time. I promise to do better next time.

Take care!

onsdag 2. juli 2014

Colours and the joy of sewing is back!

After a couple of couple of months  without the energy of sewing , now it has changed
3 pillows finished .

Two quick ones, and one with  English paper piecing and hand quilting after a pattern/inspiration from Anne Kjersti at Lappemakeriet.

Lappemakeriet’s Trine also makes  rolls of sausages with fabrics  and I was tempted  by these yellow and pinks. Easy to make a lot when I watch  World Championship of soccer.

I have refound one of my WISP and drawn the finishing block  so I have to do some work during the summer.

tirsdag 1. april 2014

A bit of luck and happiness

This has been a strange month with all sorts of events from death to festivities.  As a student councilor you have to be prepared for everything, but you never are. You just have to be there when things happen and do your best as a human.
Being a grandmother brightens up the day and making children’s clothes again is pure fun When my kids were small I made clothes from patterns made by Elisabeth Günter and these books are printed again now. There is a lot of appliqué suggestions and even quilting of jackets. I even enjoy making buttonholes with my machine.

I’m not good at making comments on other people’s blogs, but it happens. This time I was lucky and won four bird panels. I love Laura Kemshall 's and Linda Kemshall 's blogs. They produce Design Matters TV and have a lot of courses. Laura even has her own firm where you can get your own digital images printed on fabrics or buy their special fabrics. Have a look at Fingerprint's pages!
What I am going to do with my panels? I think I’ll make a wall quilt for my cabin. Maybe I’ll buy some more birds.

Last weekend I spent at the annual meeting of the Norwegian Quilt Association.  It was a lot to see and buy, and some nice courses. I went to a course with Nina Lise Moen called “Kvist” in Norwegian. I chose the green spring colors  as a background You put a lot of fabrics like tull and organza on top of each other to make flowers and a lot of straight stitches. Have look at Nina's pages to get better information and see a lot of variation of the theme. I loved it and made a small wall hanging this time.  But I have some ideas for Easter (next year?).

Have a nice week!

lørdag 22. februar 2014

Absolute madness 1?

I decided some time ago that I shouldn’t sign in for any new BOMs before I had finished some of my bigger WISPs. 
But suddenly I fell in love with Lappemakeriets new BOM named “Bygge og bo – Husmannsplass”.  
It’s houses in crazy colours. We could decide wether we wanted to sew it with machine on paper or do English paper piecing. I wanted to do some handsewing, but when I opened the bag with ready cut papers for ten houses, all mixed up, I asked myself if I had done the right thing. Madness? A sort of, maybe, but I’m stubborn enough to start it.. Anybody else out there?

I changed some of the background colours to make it mine, and started

Suddenly I had made the first three houses

Another WISP !

søndag 2. februar 2014

A new year and a new month

2014 has started and a month has quickly passed with all fassettes of life in my community. Joys, sorrows, luck and accidents. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, we just know this day.
January is normally a very busy month at work, but I have manages to finish some product. My DD1 wanted a quilt for use for her daughter, my grandchild, picked a pattern and here it is. No pinks and princesses. Bright colours and monsters!

Just before Christmas a lot of quilt shops has advent calendars for us quilting ladies. They have 24 gifts with quilt related items. I have tried a few ones, but this year really enjoyed it Northern-Quilts had 4 projects to finish during advent and you got a little bit of what you needed every day. I didn’t finish before Christmas , but now >I have, so I have gifts ready for next year.6 mug rugs, 1 tablecloth, 1 gingerbread box holder and a Christmas post holder.

And I have even made two apple mug rugs by the Norwegian designer Anne AKa. And another candle-glass. It’s still a couple of months before winter is over, so we need to light more candles in the darkness.

I have to tidy up in my cupboard and see if I find some forgotten UFOs or WISPs  or start on something new. Have a nice week!