mandag 2. desember 2013

Advent again and time to use your senses

Autumn has passed and I’m blessed to live in a part of Norway where the storms have passed by and made no damages. The temperature has been very nice, but we are starting to long for cold weather and a white Christmas. 

Advent is the time of the year when I try to stop in my haste. I remember to sit down and use my senses. The smell of Christmas cakes and oranges, the sound of familiar songs and music on the radio and in concerts, the lights in the windows and in the eyes of the children.
I have become a grandmother this autumn and this is the first year with a small child in the house. She ‘ll only be two and a half month for  Christmas this year, but I bet she’ll get a lot of attention.
I have done little sewing this autumn, but I have knitted my grandchild a dress, myself a jumper and my DD2 a jacket. The size on the finished objects and on the needles varies a bit.

One of my friends came up with the idea to make some linen cover for empty glasses to put candles in. We pulled out some thread, decorated with text¸ crocheted roses, buttons, and different treads. The text on mine is: Take time to be alone and use your senses. Perfect for advent!