søndag 14. april 2013

A real Scrap Quilt

My DD1 started about 5 years ago to cut some of her old jeans into log-cabin stripes. She had to use scissors in lack of other equipments and got a lot of fabric. She wanted a picnics blanket and started her log-cabin blocks, but discovered that she should have made her stripes wider. She lost interest and I got the box and it has stayed on my shelf for a couple of years. After reading  Hanne`s blog about charity blankets and with the link to this video on YouTube I tried this on these stripes. After km of thread I finished this picnic quilt with her stripes, log cabin blocks and squares. I supplied with some old curtains and other old fabric pieces so this is a true scrap quilt.
My daughter is looking forward to picnics this summer.
Sorry the pictures aren't top quality, but they give you an idea of the quilt.