søndag 24. februar 2013

Nr 12

Every time a colleague at my school gets their first child after they’ve started working here, we make them a quilt. Both men and women get a quilt for their child. There is very little replacement of the staff, but now we have made quilt nr. 12. We are women at my school.

Mostly I do the preparations, but everybody has to buttonhole stitch their block. Sometimes if we have more than one quilt in progress, we come together and some iron, some cut, some sew and some just talk. This time I have finished it alone because it was the easiest.

Next week we’re making a home visit bringing with us cakes and coffee and this quilt!

It is called Alpha bears by Brandywine design. The Æ, Ø and Å I’ve added by using the A and E. The size of the quilt is about 140 cm x 160 cm (54 “x 62 “ )

Have a nice week!