søndag 27. januar 2013


Happy new year to you all! Life has been a bit hectic for a while, but now I try to get back into blog land again. I have signed up for OPAM 2013 and this I know from previous years keep me on my creative track. One project a month (I small project) even I manage to finish. Maybe it’s something for you too? Have a look here: http://tagalongteddies.blogspot.com

Need a suggestion for a creative gift for some of your friends? This year I came up with a rather good idea for a Christmas gift after a lot of thinking. I made 9 of my friends at work a small gift books with buttons, small fabric pieces, ribbons, embroidery thread and some yearn. They could add whatever they wanted, and use any material, but the finished object had to be minimum the size of A5 and max A4. If they made something bigger they had to give good arguments.
 January at work was fun. Just a few discovered that every box contained the same objects (except for the lion fabric, - some got a cat fabric instead)
They had about 4 weeks to finish and then they were invited to soup and coffee. After chatting and eating we had a big show and tell! Here is what they made;






This was such a good experience, so I have already planned next year’s gift, and another colleague is thinking of making this with a twist for a coffee date later in spring!

Have fun and be creative together with your friends!