søndag 10. juni 2012

Surprised again!

Another month just passed away and summer is just around the corner. It has been exams and marking for some weeks now, and it is only 14 days again before I can tidy up and get totally organized again at work. I always use a week after the pupils have left to clear up and be ready for a new semester.  These days are hectic but with a lot of stressed pupils and teachers there are also a lot of humor and joy. I have learned a lot of new words   when my pupils had oral exam in mathematics .Words put together of well-known words, mixed together by stress and sometimes by little knowledge. To my Norwegian reader: Vet du hva det motsatte av inntekter er ? Etter et 20 min. foredrag vet jeg at det er uttekter.

It is easy to do mistakes, read wrong, put things and fabrics upside down so it’s important to not make it bigger than it is.
I try to use my spare moments to quilt, knit and stitch, so since last I have finished knitting and crocheting a dress from the magazine Made by Me, and finished block 4 in the Vignette BOM.
Search for new words this week and see what you find!