søndag 1. april 2012

Happy Easter Week

The wind from north is blowing cold around the corners of my house, and my husband has put a fire in the oven. We’ve had a very warm and sunny spring so far, but now there is a change. My mother in law says there always has to be a fortnight with wind from the North before the spring really comes.  And she is usually right, every year.

This week is a family week. Two of my children are coming home for the holidays, and we see a lot of other family members too. I hope to use my new batch  cloth, baking bread, rolls and buns. I love the smell of home baked   and good company around the table.
Have a nice week!

 PS : The hen stitchery is from the Norwegian “Quiltemagasinet”  and the other patterns I think is from Quiltenet.no