mandag 5. mars 2012


There is a time for everything in quilting. Sometimes we follow patterns, use the fabrics the designers have used, sometimes we change the patterns and make a twist on the patterns. Other times we see something and we copy it and make it our own. After a year with finishing a lot of UFOS, WISP, and BOMs and so on I have decided it is time for playing and challenging me. Why not make something that is my design, based on my ideas?

 I have signed up for a Quilt making course with Linda and Laura Kemshall.  I am unfortunately a very slow worker here, because you must have enough time to sit down and try different things. But I really love it the periods when I have it on the top of my lists. Exploring colors, shapes, textures and much more open a whole new world. I get more observant, I see more details when I’m out and around. I can’t show you any pictures, but have a look at the student’s galley and the portfolios to those who has finished this and other courses.

A play-project that I can finish in a reasonable time is the one I have started with one of my sewing friends. I bought two mixed media experimental packs fromStef Francis in the UK. I bought one green for my friend and one aqua for myself. You see my here. It has beads, metallic threads, tissue paper, and much more.

Tonight we are meeting and have to bring our idea with us on how to use our materials. We don’t have to use everything, and we can add more if we want to, but the experimental pack has to be the basic. I have an idea, but I can’t show it yet because Sol has to see it first.