torsdag 1. mars 2012

WIVSP - and 1 finish

When I started to read quilting blogs I was confused about all the letter abbreviations. DH, DD, DS, WISP and so on. The only one I knew was UFO, because they we talked about when we quilting ladies met.  We talked about them in both positive and negative ways, and even if we have tens of them at home we find excuses to start and buy new projects. OPAM- One project a month is a good way to finish some of the UFOs and last year I finished a lot of them.  I’ve got a lot of space in my closet and in my boxes, and my sewing room is a lot orderlier.
This year has started in a higher tempo both at work and in my spare time, so there has been less time in my sewing room. This month I’ve only finished a pair of mittens.

I have a couple of WIVSPS (works in very slow progress). I love my Vignette in stitches project. It`s a kind of BOM project by Leanne Beasley in her Vignette magazine.
 It’s 16 blocks and I have finished block 1, Block 2, 3 and 4 are on their way. I`m using fabric from my closet, embroidery treads from my stash and I`m lucky to have a lot. It is very nice to do some slow stitching to relax a bit and let the thoughts wander around.
Have a nice time, and enjoy life!