mandag 16. januar 2012

Too much technology?

Friday I suddenly got a few hours to sit down at my sewing table. I decided to start my embrodery machine to sew a couple of Christmas motives for my 80 years old mother. She wants to start on next year’s card production. I sorted out from drawers and cupboards what I needed, but my joy ended after 5 minutes.  The display on my embrodery machine said Error. Press the start/stop button and after the display had worked for some minutes I read: Enter the rescue disk.

Had it been my computer I could have done that, but they don’t give us these rescue disk for our sewing machines. I had to put everything back in place, and started calculating when I could check in my machine for a “rescue”.  I was frustrated and went to my computer searching for new embrodery machines and there I found it! The color, the shape, the design, its functions!  I suddenly found myself in the same positions as some of my friends when they talk about their cars, their stereos and so on. I was lost for some hours. The price on the machine with computer software was high but some shops had an introduction offer. 

When I landed  I knew  I didn’t need this machine because my machines have more functions than I use today, but it’d nice to dream a little.  Saturday I got a job cancel in the morning so I could go to rescue my embrodery machine in the nearest city. I knew this shop also had this new machine so I decided to have a look at it. Free shopping!  I asked for this new machine and the man in the shop had the machine but had lent it out for a trial. You now that machine is already old in its technology he said, even though it was presented in November. This machine here, he showed me one, is far in front of the other. A lot of the quilting ladies, he mentioned some names I knew, has changed to this brand because it is more updated. Have a look at the machines on YouTube, and try both before you decide for a new one.

When I came back home I looked at a lot of videos on the net, and there this machine he was in favour of, had its updates too. 

So how much technology does I an ordinary hobby quilter need?  It doesn’t make me better quilter just gives me more possibilities and more choices. Practice is the only thing that makes me better. It’s nice to have a “super “machine that can do everything, but do I need it?

Have a nice sewing week with your sewing machines !