lørdag 31. desember 2011

A New Year – New Moments for Everything

Another year is gone and it has been a busy, eventful and good year for me and my family. I’ve been travelling a lot, finished a lot of both quilting projects and work projects. I’ve met a lot of relatives for the first time and met a lot of nice people all over the world.

For 2012 I’ve not laid any plans. I‘ll enjoy life and see what comes in my way.  I’ll try not to be doing too many things at the same time, so I’ll be ready to start a new project or take a course when the course is really my thing.

I was a part of OPAM 2011 and that was a good thing for me. I managed to finish a lot of UFOS and WISP. If I enter this year maybe my boxes will be empty and hidden projects all will be finishes by 2012? J 

Happy New Year to you all - and may 2012 fulfill some of your dreams!