søndag 9. oktober 2011

What is sunshine for you?

After a really rainy summer here in the eastern part of Norway you hear people say; Sunshine, what is that? I started to think a bit about it and around it and sunshine can be a lot of things.
When I was traveling in Scotland this summer with my mother, she had to stay at the hotel in Inverness one day, because she was a bit tired. I went on my own to Culloden Moor a place for a very sad part of Scottish history.  They had a very good museum at the place, and you could also have a walk at the moor with your own GPS-guide, or follow historical dressed guides on the moor. I went alone with the GPS guide and my umbrella and got quite an historical walk in the heavy rain. It made the history alive! When I got back to town, cold and wet, I saw a figure in a window and had to buy this. When I turned it upside down it was named Sunshine! (It’s a Willow Tree figure.) I warmed up at once!

Sunshine can also be a friendly smile, a hug, a cup of coffee ,  a sweet,  a wild –flower,  a phone call,  a sms , an e-mail, and finding a long forgotten fabric you saved up  to use on a special  project. Sunshine is all the small things that make us warm and life worth living!
Have a nice week!