mandag 12. september 2011

Holiday, - a journey in inspiration

This summer I’ve been traveling a lot. First I followed my 80 years old mother down Memory Lane in Scotland. We visited her Scottish best friend who celebrated her 80th birthday when we were there. They have been best friends for around 60 years and even all their grandchildren are now older than they were when they first met. Incredible!

We traveled a lot in the southern part of Scotland before we went north. We saw a lot of fantastic handicrafts in small and big shops, but what made the biggest impression on me were the heather gems. I wish I was the one who had this idea first!

Have a look at the pictures on this page and see how they make them, and have a look at thevideos. Look at all the different fantastic colors.
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These colors we met in knitwear, in wool products and in the woven fabrics. I  was even  in danger to start spinning yarn   when I saw the wool-colors.