søndag 4. september 2011


I’m alive although I haven’t been blogging for a couple of months. I’ve been enjoying my holiday trips, my meetings with friends and until now unknown family. I’ve had two months without any hard work, but now the normal life has reached me.

I’ve been a part-time student for two years with all expenses paid by my workplace so now I have to work full time counseling and teaching. I love it, but it takes some time to get back in routine.

I‘ve only finished some UFOs for my daughters this month (and nothing done in June) except for this book cover for my work list. I got this embroidery from my friend Lise some time ago and now was the perfect time to use it.

This was just a small writing, but next time I‘ll tell you a bit more about my summer in Scotland, in the States and in Norway.
Have a nice week!