mandag 27. juni 2011

Summertime - blues?

I’ve finished my studies, my exams, all  my WISP and   my work-year is over. I’m having my holidays and a lot of time to collect inspiration and deciding what to do when I’m back in work mode again.
The rain is pouring down, but I have a good house, god clothes to take a walk in, a lot of books, good music and a lot of nice people in and out where I am.   It’s time to share, to sow and to harvest and to enjoy life.
This month I’ve only made a small heart for a friend’s birthday, but I can’t show you the picture yet because then I destroy her surprise. Have a nice summer for those who have summertime and temperature, and for all you Australian freezing, we’ll send you warm thoughts!

I’m still looking at these sketching some ideas for the autumn.