mandag 30. mai 2011

9 years WIP finished!!!

Last Saturday mu DH got his wall hanging “At Home in the Woods” designed by    McKenna Ryan. I ordered it as a BOM in 2002 to finish it as a 50 years anniversary gift.  In the original pattern there were used an invisible tread and machine appliquéd. I didn’t  master this so I started to use buttonhole stitches. It has taken me 9 years. He was 57 Saturday. Anne Rønningen has  quilted it for me.
My DH was impressed and happy, and I´m satisfied when I see it on the wall.

Three days ago I got a gift in the post. It was the OPAM 2011 – draw for April. I was one of the lucky winners. Kris  Mears sent me the gift with nice words on the umberella card.  Maybe I´ll make a summer table cloth of the fabrics?  Joining Opam -11 has given me the real push to finish a lot of projects this year. Have a nice wee!