onsdag 18. mai 2011

How much fabric is enough fabric?

Once upon a time a read about an American quilt-lady who didn’t have more Than one basket with fabric. She always started a new project with the fabrics she had in the basket and bought what she needed extra. I don’t remember her name or the name of the magazine. That time I thought – what a strange lady. How boring to start with the left overs from last project! I wonder if she still is on this way. Anyone know who she was or is like her?
Today I envy her a bit. I have collected fabrics for lots of years and I feel I have too much. This year I have been good and just used my old fabric. I have bought some new magazines and patterns, but I intend to use what I have.
My last project to use a lot of fabric is to sew three veranda blankets for my DD2. She had three fleece blankets and I used some flannels on two of them and some more colors on the last one. This is my favorite. I made some pillow cases to put them in and used some more fabrics from my stash.

 I have sorted through all my yellows, browns, beiges and greens and have just put back the ones I want to keep, the ones I know I mostly would use in projects. The rest – two big plastic boxes I’m going to cut up in 2 or 2 ½ inch strips and make log -cabin blocks. We have a small cabin in the woods, and we have to paint and freshen it up a bit. I should have made some blankets many years ago but now is a good time to start. If I first cut all the fabrics and then make 4 blocks a day then I’ll make it. Why I don’t want to make more than four blocks a day is because it’s soon summer here and it’s easier to make some stitching and hand piecing when you are outdoors or traveling.