søndag 1. mai 2011

Need an award? Or a hug?

I got an award some time ago from Lise, and I should have given it to 5 bloggers with less than 100 followers.  Fighting with my exam writing, I haven’t the time to surch for you. I read a lot of blogs but you seem to have a lot of followers all of you!
So if YOU are in need of a hug or an award, feel free to take it but you have to answer five questions:
1.       Why did you start a blog? I started mine because it was easier to send comments to others who had. I also felt that when you make a promise on a blog you do a lot to keep it.
2.       Which blogs do you follow?I follow  lot of different blogs and their favorites too.
3.       Favorite colour? Bright colours. Blue and turquoise.
4.       Favorite films?  Old English costume movies with a happy ending, or films with “normal lives”. I don’t like too much violence or science fiction.
5.       Which country would you like to visit and why?  I would like to go to China and follow the old “Silk Road”, see the silk production and maybe buy a yard or two…….
I said I would try to make 4 charity blankets this year. I have made one and one toy this month. This month I think I have to keep to stitchery and do some serious writing and reading. Enjoy life and if you have a piece of advice for an exam writer, so post a comment. I’ll need them the next fortnight!