tirsdag 19. april 2011

In Need of Inspiration? -1

I love to take courses, being with others to share and seek inspiration. I`ve just been to the annual meeting of The Norwegian Quilt Association and got a lot of inspiration and new ideas.
 Sometimes it is not possible to go away from home because of jobs, family matters, money, health and other reasons. But luckily there are a lot of possibilities for those who want that. I`d like to share a couple of mine outside magazines and books.
My favorite source at the moment is  Designmatters TV.  It`s net TV made by Linda and Laura Kemshall.  Go to their homepage and have a look at their free shows to see if this gives you a lust to see more and pay. I have paid and seen a lot of their shows and they have put me in play mood.  They are into Art-Quilting, but give a lot of tips for beginners and traditionalists like me.
Have you seen the pages for Quilt University? Her you can take a lot of different courses. They cost a bit but there is a great variety from traditional quilting to everything.
I’ve also bought some DVDs from Art Quilt Magazine, their TV shows. They have made a lot of tv-programmes and it’s ok to watch them when it suits you .They give a great variety of techniques and you meet a lot of exciting artist and quilters. Enjoy!
There are also thousands of blogs, net pages and so on, and everyone have their own favorites. 
Finally the most important thing is to dare try and to practice the techniques. Have fun!

PS! Don't be like these two!

mandag 18. april 2011

Empty box!

My must box is empty! Hurray! I’ve finished a couple of project instead of doing some boring reading, so no the box is empty. The angel pattern and the Sancta girl pattern is made by Miak-design, and the table cloths are an old cross stitch material package I inherited to finish many years ago.