søndag 27. februar 2011

Still staying on “the promised road”

After I’ve made promises for 2011 about buying fabrics and finishing UFOs and cupboard project, I‘ve been at that road. My friend Sol and I try to finish our challenge projects , the stoles (Sol) and “At home in the woods” (me) .We’re making good progress and my goal is to finish my challenge before the annual meeting in The Norwegian Quilt Association (NQF)  (18-20 March). If I manage this I can reward myself with some fabrics.
The last week I’ve had my winter holiday at home, and have finished 3 UFOs and a fabric stash project. The ufoes are; 1 potholder for Christmas, an embroidery table runner for Christmas (Idèna design-Germany) and a small makeup  purse.

The fabric stash project is a knitting bag for my DD2. It’s from  Anne-Pia Godske’s new book “Flowerpower patchwork”. I’m satisfied with this one. For handles I should have put some thick bamboo knitting sticks no 15 to show you at the picture, but I can’t find anyone. My DD2 has.


Are there anymore UFOS or other cupboard projects in my house? Yes, but they get fewer.
Have a nice week!

Shortcuts can give unwanted results.

How many times do I have to experience this? A number of times, I ‘m afraid.  I hate manuals and instructions. When I made my Jenny Beyer  “Trip around the world” I  read the instructions to do it right ,but I confess that a couple of times I had to read it properly once more after making some mistakes .  I like every new machine, pattern or whatever comes into my house to come to use at once. Do they? Sometimes yes and sometimes not.  I know that sometimes life would be simpler if I just read the paper first, but how boring but time saving.
Here is my latest blunder. After finishing my big Jinny Beyer I was motivated for a small project from my cupboard. I found one named Christmas hearts that I bought on The Nordic Quilt meeting 2009. It was a package with drawings, fabric, carton and instructions on how to do trapunto, stippling, Italian Quilting and freeze paper appliqué.  There was a silk square for the center piece and 14 cotton squares and a rectangle for the rest of the piece. I started after just looking at the drawings and reading how to do the special things.
I did the centerpiece adjusted the size a bit and sew together the squares. When I put all together it didn’t fit together so I had a lot of trouble to get it all right. I finished the sewing and quilting and wasn’t very satisfied with the result, but it was Ok. When I put everything away the pattern, bags and. so on, a bell started to ring. And the big ones really made a noise when I opened the other bag with a material bag from the same producer.
Here there were  fabric and also, as in the first package - 14 cartoon squares, a big cartoon square, a rectangle cartoon and fabric pieces all bigger than the cartoons. I blushed. This was a paper piecing set. Why hadn’t I seen this when I started the first one?  Too much in a hurry, making a small piece very quickly¸ too much trust in myself knowing what to do  instead of looking at what the patternmaker had thought when he made the original piece.
When will I learn? I think I will remember this for a while, but I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again.
Here are the two small pieces. The patterns are made by;     Bøgelund  Patchwork in Denmark.    http://www.quilt-fyn.dk/
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The diffrences in sizes
Christmas angel:

Christmas heart: