onsdag 3. oktober 2012

At last!

Last year I sorted out a lot of brown, yellow, green, brown-red and more fabrics from my cupboard. I knew I hadn’t used any of these for years so I had to do something. We have a small cabin in the woods that needed some sofa covers so I sorted the fabrics into two groups. I cut all of them into big squares (12,5inches) and sorted them into brown/yellows and green/rest.

The brown yellows I matched two by two and cut them in a sort of log cabin. When I had sewn all these together I knew I didn’t want to start on the next colour so I kept the squares and made backs for the cover quilts. 

Here you kan see the fronts and backs. I had enough blocks to make three pillows too.
I ‘m looking so  forward to cover my old cabin sofas.
Even though I got my first flue for the season I have finished some other products this September. Here are some pictures.

Isn't this a beautiful button!