torsdag 31. mars 2011

Need to, want to, or both?

This month I`ve been doing a lot of musts and need to. These last days I`ve finished a table runner and two square table cloths for my DH`s office.  We live on a farm and he has his office and employees in the side building. I think it`s ok to brighten up the office now and then.
 I saw in this blog from Lappemakeriet that Anne Kjersti had made a nice table runner and was inspired to sew my own.

                       Just before Christmas I moved into a new office at work, and yesterday I finally had the time to make three door signs for the school nurse and myself. We share the same entrance.
The signs are quite simple. I used my embroidery machine for the letters, and made a small fabric border around.  I hang them up with some Velcro that I glued to the doors. We got a lot of attention today from pupils and grownups walking by.

These were all “useful and needed “products, and it`s satisfying to finish, but now I just want to play a little. Just take an idea, make sketches and see what it leads to. I`ve done enough musts and cupboard products for a while.